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I like to make peer-to-peer things, and think we should structure the future in a way which builds in privacy by default in a maximally peer-to-peer way.


Besides working on I2P, I have a bunch of side-projects centered around the use of I2P, especially in Go and Javascript. Some of these are also I2P labs projects.

I2P Webextensions, Freestanding Applications

Tutorials, Research

I2P Git Hosting

I host git services on I2P at git.idk.i2p, with a non-anonymous mirror available at I provide this service freely to the I2P community and it is open to the public, but do have a Terms of Service which is predicated on my own threat model. If the TOS is not acceptable to you, I highly encourage you to run your own gitlab instance using the instructions I wrote, available on the I2P project I2P Site and on the Web.

What's Weird about this I2P Site?

This I2P site uses an experimental feature of I2P in Private browsing called X-I2P-TorrentLocation. If you are using the latest version of the extension, you may notice that there is a pageAction available in the URL bar(It's the little I2P logo). If you click that pageAction and follow the magnet link, you will begin to download a torrent named idk.i2p. As the torrent completes, the extension will begin to replace on-page resources hosted on my server with exactly the same files, except shared and downloaded via I2PSnark. The result is a sort of distributed, voluntary pseudo-CDN which makes it possible to do things like embed videos directly in your I2P Site and actually have them play completely. All of this is accomplished, of course, by cheating. If you download the torrent, the file is on your computer, so of course it's available in a reliable way. Besides that, even if your content goes down, any of your visitors will be able to reproduce your site on a new hostname, which may provide a level of resistance to being taken down. How it affects traffic flows remains to be seen, but it means that some I2P users will be fetching less content via their HTTP Proxies, and will be doing it less repeatedly.

Go(golang) I2P Tools


Sun Nov 26 03:21:12 EST 2017

Hi. This is the blog where I'm going to document all the wierd stuff I do on my home network. I'm most passionate about the areas where I am relatively free of constraints, and for me, that is in hobby computing in my own home. But since it's not a place with an IT staff and other organizational resources, I sometimes do wierd, ill-advised things to get my computers just the way I like them.

Also I'm pretty bad at blogging.

Mon Jan 22 12:41:21 EST 2018

Getting nervous, about to flash an up-to-date coreboot port to my netbook via a ch341a flasher. I'm about 99% sure I'm not going to hurt anything, but who knows?

Tue Mar 31, 15:04:40 EST 2020

See, I told you I was pretty bad at blogging. Over 2 years. Lots of code though.

Sun Oct 11, 04:08:56 EDT 2020

Note to self: from now on, build the site with:

make all && make seed && git commit -am "Example commit message" && git push --all